Toll-Free Service

2.9¢ per minute nationwide

Morse is revolutionizing the Toll-Free industry by offering both Toll-Free 1-800 number texting, as well as text enabling your existing business landline numbers. Morse’s Toll-Free solution makes it easy for your customers to call you at no cost to them. In addition, we make it easy for you to customize your service with enhanced routing features; all at only 2.9¢ a minute within the US 48 states.

We've also included 6 months of Morse Text service for FREE so your customers can text your Toll-Free, a $210 value. Send and receive text messages from your Toll-Free number with Morse’s customized portal. We know in the business world time equals money, and our systems are designed to make interacting with your clients via text messages a quick and easy process. Our enhanced easy-to-use portal allows you to easily manage both incoming text messages directly, as well as how they are assigned to employees on your text enabled 800 Toll-Free phone number. Multiple people are able to simultaneously and seamlessly handle texts with your front desk scheduling reservations, while you negotiate with suppliers, all while our automated response systems handle the routine phone calls of every business without you ever lifting a finger.

Time of Day and Day of Week Routing

Our Portal allows you to setup custom call routing on your text enabled, Toll-Free number depending on the time of day or day of the week. Have multiple employees on staff to handle calls, but only one manager to handle things after hours? Need to adjust who is contacted during the weekend? Our system allows you to route calls to the appropriate parties, during the appropriate hours, so that everything is handled smoothly. Plus, set it once and forget it, or adjust using our easy to use system as required.

Geographic Routing and Blocking

Do you need to handle calls based on where they are coming from? Our geographic routing and blocking services can make your life much easier. Are you a local business? Our enhanced geographic routing and blocking can make it so long-distance calls never pull you away from your business. Have a supplier in another state you want routed directly to you? We can setup Geographic routing to make your life easier.

Vanity Toll-Frees available

Looking to make a memorable impression with a vanity Toll-Free number? Like the safety and security of having all your calls routed through a Toll-Free number instead of a personal line? With our text enabled Toll-Free numbers you get the best of both worlds.

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